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23rd-Jun-2014 04:53 pm - Six Miles Lake
Have gone camping solo with my daughter for the weekend to Six Miles Lake.
We slept in the tent, splashed in the lake and ran around the forest.
No pics, as most of it was during shabat, but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!
Now Yaelly camps in the basement, where she sleeps in the sleeping bag :)
11th-Jan-2014 10:28 pm - 2013 - sikum
So this is what I've been upto the past 2013 yearCollapse )
25th-Dec-2013 04:41 pm - Dec 2013 freeze
There was a freeze storm, meaning there is 3 sm of ice on a branch of a tree 1 sm big. A lot of trees broke, some came down on electrical wires. No electricity means no heat (and it's -4 outside) and no food (electrical stoves).

Our electricity went out at 10 at night and came back at 6pm the following afternoon. It would have been fine, since we have a fire place and burned wood to keep warm and also a camping stove with a small gaz container, so we could boil water for tea and coffee. The problem is that Yaelly was sick, so in the middle of that we had to drive to a doctor. She will be fine, it's just fever and not strep throat, but I didn't know that. The car was frozen solid, we had a problem opening the doors and the windows were frozen too. That means that you can not see through the windows, unless you scrape the ice from them and that the street lights are not working.

I thought it was a total regional outage, but apparently it was not. I was just a matter of your power line being hit by a tree. My friend had power all the time, I just didn't know that. Check out pics of the next street - all fallen trees, some apparently on my power line. My parents street looks the same - they got electricity back after 2 days.
 photo PC230095_zps0c7bfb37.jpg

That next street looks amazing - very pretty low branches covered with sparkling ice and a disaster zone. One tree fell on a car and broke the front windshield. Snow is romantic to look at, snow is great to ski on, ice is great to skate on, but when you walk under trees covered with ice and being lower than they usually are because of the heavy weight and when those iced branches start to ring because of the wind - I look to where to run from possible falling branches.
 photo PC230081_zps725a2b5c.jpg
Is that my power line this tree broke?

The moral of the story is to always keep dry fire wood! Wet fire wood takes forever to start burning :):):)
14th-Aug-2013 04:39 am - 13-08Aug lego
There is such a concept - travelling Lego play center. We (meaning Alex) saw one in Orillia, played for an hour(meaning Yaelly and me), Alex got a free hedgehog with his hideout and we got hooked! Yaelly couldn't let go of the hedgehog and on the way back we got a tree house, with the doll, a kitten, her fish and carton of milk, a birdy and her bird house. The doll, kitten and bird all have bows(bantiki)
Upon coming home we played for 2 hours.
 photo P8055221_zpse658eec4.jpg

 photo P8055225_zpsd6491146.jpg

Then Yaelly came to aba and showed him in the magazine we got in Orillia what she wants next. Aba jumped through hoops to get it from the states, as it is cheaper there and ima made sure the girl learned to read 10 words to earn the present. Just so she will not be a total spoiled brat :)

Now we are the proud owners of this:
Lego friends pool!
 photo P8115174_zpsd2df8ebb.jpg
Yes, she is building a washroom with a shower. You need one next to the pool, don't you?:)
30th-Jul-2013 03:13 am - 13-07July-28 Bowmanville zoo
Yaelly and I and our friends went to visit Bowmanville zoo!
We fed the animals

 photo P7285206_zps33cd57af.jpg

discovered the rides
 photo P7285168_zpse00f0b64.jpg

and aba didn't believe us when Yaelly told him that the lion jumped on the bus and she was a little bit scared and asked mommy to close the window
 photo P7285200_zps7dbebbd7.jpg
9th-Jul-2013 01:20 pm - Toronto flood
I am so lucky. The train that I could've been on from downtown Toronto up north got stuck in the middle of a lake created by the rain (great city infrastructure!). 2 of my team mates were on that train, they were rescued by police and firefighters and arrived home around 2 at night(instead of 6:30)
 photo trainFlodded2_zpsc55cb1f1.jpg

 photo trainFlodded_zpse71168b2.jpg

 photo trainCar_zps04dc04b4.jpg

 photo boatResque_zps12f94d79.jpg

Traffic was halted, as the roads turned into rivers. Parts of the city lost electricity, both people's houses and street lights, lots of basements are flooded. It was just a lot of rain. Got to love this city's infrastructure!
22nd-Apr-2013 03:45 am - Israel 2013
28 Right after the plane landed we headed to Sebastia and made it before they closed!!!!! I did a round trip for my brother via Shomron that day, because I drove there via Kdumim and then headed to Einav to visit one friend and then to Netanya to sleep by another. My old caravan is still standing in Einav. How I miss the hills of gav ha har!

29 Took my brother to Caesarea and my daughter to the beach by the aqueduct. We all had fun, whether it was climbing on ancient walls or playing with sand 

30 Shabat in Kdumim. My friend has 4 kids already, and her husband claims that we are in galut now. He lives in Jerusalem.

31 short shopping in Raanana and visiting an old friend, who had a lot of family over. Nice relaxing time watching Yaelly run at the playground 

1 last day of Pesah in Modiin. My friend now has 6 kids, 2 of which are younger than Yaelly. She fit in amazingly well and spoke ivrit like she was born there!

2 off to the north. Gan Guru where Yaelly fed the kangaroos, parrots and combed the goats. She enjoyed it very much! Probably the most of the whole trip!
Megido, where in spite of my brothers best intentions Yaelly at some point got out of the backpack and ran around. The 5 of us paid a visit to the frog at the spring.
Afula – yes, we went to my saba’s grave and I also took my bro to where they used to live. I can not stand that neighbourhood, as beautiful as it is, it reminds me too much of my saba getting sick and passing away. More than his grave, is fact.
Drove down to Kineret via Kfar Tavor, as you have more views of the Kineret from there.
Entering the hotel Yaelly turns to me and asks “eifo mishpaha?” She wanted to go to our friend’s house, not to a hotel!

3 just splashing in the springs of Beit Zaida together with a friend and her toddler. Lot’s of relaxing fun in the water. Later we also visited the archeological dig and then went to the zimmer in Bney Yehuda to see my friends that I missed 2 years back. His first words were “Vica, you didn’t change a bit!” I did not know I was supposed to change 

4 Kineret cemetery, where the hard realization that the founders of Israel were secular hit my brother. Kohav HaYarden and Beit Shean. Yaelly ran in the front screaming “ani first!” All was great until in the end she cut her finger and I was ready to run to miun, good thing my friends stopped me. Yaelly said “ima, al tivki” and reached a conclusion that I am pahdanit. Slept by a friend in Netanya.

5 drove to Yerushalayim finally! Parking by shaar HaAriot was closed, so Yaelly ran from the cinemateque in Yerushalayim to the kotel screaming “ani first!” Eli and I just had to ran after her.
After that I took my brother to Yehuda mountains. We went to Efrat to see where our caravan was. There is nothing there now, just the asphalt paths and a horse ranch.

6 Shabat in NeveDaniel. As always my friend spilled some dirty water at us at the entrance. “Friday we wash the floors here!” stated she. During the seuda Yaelly stood up and told everyone all the 10 plagues. And that she is princess Aurora, of cause. Princess Aurora played with the 2 smaller girls the whole shabat, while I went to visit another friend of ours that I lost touch with over the years. The 3 of us got married right out of the 12 grade 

7 Eli got sick, so we left Daniel very late – like 2pm. Neither the less, we have done up Herodion, from where I could see the Dead Sea, saw the new movie they got there and headed to kever Rachel! They finished renovating it, but the Turkish pillars are still on the man side. Eli said this is the most fortified place he has seen so far. We jumped to the Tayelet and drove off to Mezada!

8 Mezada. As Eli was sick but insisted not going to be sick back at his yeshiva, we did go up, but in the cable car, not up the snake path. I suspect my friend who came with us was a bit disappointed  Yaelly ran around as usual and climbed on every single model she found. We skipped Ein Gedi, unfortunately and I dropped Eli in his yeshiva, after which Yaelly and I went to visit my good friends in Jerusalem. One of them lives in a haredi ghetto. Claims she likes it. Sababa la.

That was too short!
29th-Jan-2013 11:04 am - 2012 - sikum
Here is how my last year 2012 looked. lots of pics!Collapse )
28th-Dec-2012 06:56 am - first snow winter 2012/3
First 15 sm of snow fell last night and covered the roads, the driveways and the cars with a thick white blanket.

Luckily I woke up at 6 and started shoveling the way out of the house :) So when Yaely woke up at 7, we went sledding to the hill in the park and back - before the general population wakes up and cleans the walk paths! It was great - the sun didn't really start rising yet, but the snow emitted soft glow and it laied untouched before us. Our tracks were the only ones, marking the path of the advencherous and brave. Now I just need to get skies for my baby and we will be able to venture a bit thurther than the neigbourhood park :)
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