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22nd-Sep-2014 02:22 am - kohanim playdate 2014 08Aug 03
So, in preparation for shabat children's program in shul before 9 beAv I have made a few kohen outfits for the kids.
But I wanted to make a better organized play group, so I had a beit mikdash play date!Collapse )
22nd-Sep-2014 01:47 am - Midland cottage
We rented a cottage at Balm beach for the week, as our friend from Florida had enough of us, so he sold his place.
I haven't been in Midland area since my bro and sis were little. Yaelly enjoyed the beach - I am a mermaid, I am a mermaid,
I will sleep in the sea with my dad Triton! Lots of sand castles and splashing and sitting on the rocks gazing into the blue waters.
 photo DSCF0402_zpsac34a418.jpg

We went to the enchanted castle more adventures followCollapse )
8th-Sep-2014 03:08 am - Rosh haShana prep
This Sunday we went together with Yaelly's friend to make a shofar - me and the friend's mom did it, and the kids enjoyed running around together and playing with balloons. They had a great presentation about the shofar and who's horns you make it from with example horns. He had a few horns to show: ram, bull, some african antelope - those were straight like a sword(not kosher because the shofar has to be turned upwards to G-d). Giraffe is a kosher animal, but the horns have skin growing on them - not kosher either. The rav had 3 animal heads too: 2 deer's and a ram. Yaelly enjoyed finding out that you can make a shofar from yael horns. The rav had yael horns to show: both horns together, not a shofar from such horn. So she ran around with fingers from her head saying I have horns!

Then we all went to our respective homes to have lunch and went together to a farm to pick apples. The most important thing about picking anything is to know when to stop. Last time we went to a farm we picked 3 times more than we could eat by ourselves!

So now we have apples for Rosh haShana and a hand made shofar.
Very Rosh HaShana preparational day :)
23rd-Jun-2014 04:53 pm - Six Miles Lake
Have gone camping solo with my daughter for the weekend to Six Miles Lake.
We slept in the tent, splashed in the lake and ran around the forest.
No pics, as most of it was during shabat, but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!
Now Yaelly camps in the basement, where she sleeps in the sleeping bag :)
11th-Jan-2014 10:28 pm - 2013 - sikum
So this is what I've been upto the past 2013 yearCollapse )
25th-Dec-2013 04:41 pm - Dec 2013 freeze
There was a freeze storm, meaning there is 3 sm of ice on a branch of a tree 1 sm big. A lot of trees broke, some came down on electrical wires. No electricity means no heat (and it's -4 outside) and no food (electrical stoves).

Our electricity went out at 10 at night and came back at 6pm the following afternoon. It would have been fine, since we have a fire place and burned wood to keep warm and also a camping stove with a small gaz container, so we could boil water for tea and coffee. The problem is that Yaelly was sick, so in the middle of that we had to drive to a doctor. She will be fine, it's just fever and not strep throat, but I didn't know that. The car was frozen solid, we had a problem opening the doors and the windows were frozen too. That means that you can not see through the windows, unless you scrape the ice from them and that the street lights are not working.

I thought it was a total regional outage, but apparently it was not. I was just a matter of your power line being hit by a tree. My friend had power all the time, I just didn't know that. Check out pics of the next street - all fallen trees, some apparently on my power line. My parents street looks the same - they got electricity back after 2 days.
 photo PC230095_zps0c7bfb37.jpg

That next street looks amazing - very pretty low branches covered with sparkling ice and a disaster zone. One tree fell on a car and broke the front windshield. Snow is romantic to look at, snow is great to ski on, ice is great to skate on, but when you walk under trees covered with ice and being lower than they usually are because of the heavy weight and when those iced branches start to ring because of the wind - I look to where to run from possible falling branches.
 photo PC230081_zps725a2b5c.jpg
Is that my power line this tree broke?

The moral of the story is to always keep dry fire wood! Wet fire wood takes forever to start burning :):):)
14th-Aug-2013 04:39 am - 13-08Aug lego
There is such a concept - travelling Lego play center. We (meaning Alex) saw one in Orillia, played for an hour(meaning Yaelly and me), Alex got a free hedgehog with his hideout and we got hooked! Yaelly couldn't let go of the hedgehog and on the way back we got a tree house, with the doll, a kitten, her fish and carton of milk, a birdy and her bird house. The doll, kitten and bird all have bows(bantiki)
Upon coming home we played for 2 hours.
 photo P8055221_zpse658eec4.jpg

 photo P8055225_zpsd6491146.jpg

Then Yaelly came to aba and showed him in the magazine we got in Orillia what she wants next. Aba jumped through hoops to get it from the states, as it is cheaper there and ima made sure the girl learned to read 10 words to earn the present. Just so she will not be a total spoiled brat :)

Now we are the proud owners of this:
Lego friends pool!
 photo P8115174_zpsd2df8ebb.jpg
Yes, she is building a washroom with a shower. You need one next to the pool, don't you?:)
30th-Jul-2013 03:13 am - 13-07July-28 Bowmanville zoo
Yaelly and I and our friends went to visit Bowmanville zoo!
We fed the animals

 photo P7285206_zps33cd57af.jpg

discovered the rides
 photo P7285168_zpse00f0b64.jpg

and aba didn't believe us when Yaelly told him that the lion jumped on the bus and she was a little bit scared and asked mommy to close the window
 photo P7285200_zps7dbebbd7.jpg
9th-Jul-2013 01:20 pm - Toronto flood
I am so lucky. The train that I could've been on from downtown Toronto up north got stuck in the middle of a lake created by the rain (great city infrastructure!). 2 of my team mates were on that train, they were rescued by police and firefighters and arrived home around 2 at night(instead of 6:30)
 photo trainFlodded2_zpsc55cb1f1.jpg

 photo trainFlodded_zpse71168b2.jpg

 photo trainCar_zps04dc04b4.jpg

 photo boatResque_zps12f94d79.jpg

Traffic was halted, as the roads turned into rivers. Parts of the city lost electricity, both people's houses and street lights, lots of basements are flooded. It was just a lot of rain. Got to love this city's infrastructure!
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