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Vica's adventures in the Holy and the Not-So-Holy Lands
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19th-Aug-2015 06:50 am - boat Aug 2015
So after a lot of last minute organization done by Noam, we rented a motor boat on lake Muskoka in Granvenhurst!

 photo DSCF2265_zpszamsimin.jpg
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27th-Apr-2015 07:04 am - Israel 2015
Here is my crazy schedule in Israel. as alwaysCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2015 12:41 am - skating
Awesome skating moza"sh! After snow feel all shabat - 15 sm, moza"sh we went skating. 2 other families from former USSR and 1 Canadian family on the rink. First we all had to clear the snow :)
29th-Dec-2014 11:47 am - 2014 sikum
January and our front yard snow man!

 photo 14-02-DSCF0031_zps2f64ef0c.jpg

Yaelly's birthday celebration with princess Aurora and prince Philip

 photo 14-01-P1190067_zps0793fbbd.jpg

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29th-Dec-2014 05:53 am - 2014 12 December staycation
New school, High holidays, being sick the whole Sukot, work overload - I am working for the downtown team again - and here is December and the last second realization that this year X-mas and Boxing day are Thursday and Friday, creating a 4 day long weekend. However, we stayed at home. And staying home has never been more fun!Collapse )
31st-Oct-2014 03:30 pm - fall colors
It seems that the light is coming from the trees these days :)
 photo PA300009_zpsb93ef731.jpg
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22nd-Sep-2014 02:22 am - kohanim playdate 2014 08Aug 03
So, in preparation for shabat children's program in shul before 9 beAv I have made a few kohen outfits for the kids.
But I wanted to make a better organized play group, so I had a beit mikdash play date!Collapse )
22nd-Sep-2014 01:47 am - Midland cottage
We rented a cottage at Balm beach for the week, as our friend from Florida had enough of us, so he sold his place.
I haven't been in Midland area since my bro and sis were little. Yaelly enjoyed the beach - I am a mermaid, I am a mermaid,
I will sleep in the sea with my dad Triton! Lots of sand castles and splashing and sitting on the rocks gazing into the blue waters.
 photo DSCF0402_zpsac34a418.jpg

We went to the enchanted castle more adventures followCollapse )
8th-Sep-2014 03:08 am - Rosh haShana prep
This Sunday we went together with Yaelly's friend to make a shofar - me and the friend's mom did it, and the kids enjoyed running around together and playing with balloons. They had a great presentation about the shofar and who's horns you make it from with example horns. He had a few horns to show: ram, bull, some african antelope - those were straight like a sword(not kosher because the shofar has to be turned upwards to G-d). Giraffe is a kosher animal, but the horns have skin growing on them - not kosher either. The rav had 3 animal heads too: 2 deer's and a ram. Yaelly enjoyed finding out that you can make a shofar from yael horns. The rav had yael horns to show: both horns together, not a shofar from such horn. So she ran around with fingers from her head saying I have horns!

Then we all went to our respective homes to have lunch and went together to a farm to pick apples. The most important thing about picking anything is to know when to stop. Last time we went to a farm we picked 3 times more than we could eat by ourselves!

So now we have apples for Rosh haShana and a hand made shofar.
Very Rosh HaShana preparational day :)
23rd-Jun-2014 04:53 pm - Six Miles Lake
Have gone camping solo with my daughter for the weekend to Six Miles Lake.
We slept in the tent, splashed in the lake and ran around the forest.
No pics, as most of it was during shabat, but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!
Now Yaelly camps in the basement, where she sleeps in the sleeping bag :)
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